Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The harsh reality of…well, reality

As a wise man once said to me “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”.   Juggling the responsibilities of two small children, a time intensive job and the chaos of a recent move makes it challenging to find a consistent time to run. I am very much a creature of routine (as I suspect most are), and not having one makes it difficult to stick to “the plan”.  To top off that "self-excuse sunday" with a juicy cherry, three days ago I caught a stomach virus from one/or both of my boys and have been laid-low since.  All this prompts a training question:  if you miss a workout, do you a) skip it and keep on “the plan” or b) push back “the plan” to be sure and get every training session in?  Seems to be a question of when you want to feel the pain:  skip a work out and feel it as you push harder the next, or stick on the regime and feel the pain come race day as you run a race you’re not quite prepared for.  I welcome any sage advice on the topic.  On another note, my good friend Chris offered to run the 5k with me, which is a good motivator to get back to pounding the mean streets ASAIFB (as-soon-as-I-feel-better).

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