Monday, October 4, 2010

You don’t have to like it; you just have to do it

Day 1, Week 4 – a cold rainy morning provided plenty of excuse not to run…always easier to say “tomorrow” …especially when the bed is so soft, warm and cozy.  Exactly the sort of thinking that got/kept me out of shape and over weight as a few “tomorrows” become “next Monday”, which then become “after the holidays”, and so on.  Training on such a raw day just isn’t fun, but to borrow a phrase from my days in the military, “You don’t have to like it; you just have to do it.”  I’m glad I got out there and ran…it’s exactly the sort of challenge that helps build up self-discipline…something that is a desperately needed tool in today’s mental tool-kit, and one of the much anticipated ancillary benefits of this whole process.  I opted for skipping the missed work-outs of Week 2/3 and pushing ahead with “the plan”, a decision that came back to haunt me on the last 5 min push…however the first twenty minutes I could really feel improvement (legs, knees, lungs, stamina) over where I was just two weeks ago.  Signed up and ready to rock for the 5k Nov 13th, if you’re out there training along with me (Lowsley?), give me a shout and let me know how it’s going (and if you’ve made a similar commitment to a race).

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