Sunday, November 6, 2011

Countdown to Disney 1/2 Marathon

It has admittedly been far too long since posting on my "training blog"...mea culpa. This week I was in San Francisco and went on several runs up and down the hills there (Embarcadero along the water is a great running spot), and it really wreaked havoc with my knees. I recognize that running around with a bunch of extra lbs takes it's toll on a body...but nothing hammers that point home faster than running hills. So far I've lost 10lbs, but I really need to shed another 30 or so (so easy to pack on...such a pain to take off).

For this weeks "long run" my wife suggested that I run with her (she has been training for the 1/2 using a Run/Walk plan). I was torn - a part of me seems to adhere to the "no pain no gain" school of training, the other part just wanted to avoid tearing up my knees anymore than necessary. So we ran 5mi this morning doing a 3/2 split, and it was the easiest 5mi I've done, the average mins per mile were about the same as when I shuffle along the whole time, and I felt great the whole time (a little knee soreness at the very end, but nothing bad). So I'm now a convert! My thinking is I'll use my first run of the week (30mins) to run the whole time and work on getting faster, the second run (30 min) to run/walk and work on pacing, and the long run on the weekend to run/walk and get in my milage...which with 2 months to go until the 1/2 marathon needs some serious attention.

If you see my wife, give her a high five for how well she is doing with training, and for keeping me going as well!

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